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Here you will find ideas and creative work by Ruari Jack

  • Becoming Known
    Six of the emerging poets who entered the Emerging Writers program are showcased in this anthology Becoming Known. Josephine Clarke, Fable Goldsmith. Ruari Jack Hughes, Taonga Sendama, Sunny Wignall and Colin Young are each incredibly gifted poets. Purchase copies … Continue reading “Becoming Known”
  • Away.
    I’m on holiday. I’ve gone away. To Broome, as it happens. A very long way away. Well over 2300 kilometres. On the plane it took 2½ hours to fly from Perth. This a journey within one state and not … Continue reading “Away.”
  • Finished!
    There hasn’t been much activity here for a few weeks. For very good reason. The writing effort has been directed full-time to finishing the novel. A few days ago the last chapter was written. Not actually the last chapter … Continue reading “Finished!”
  • Versifying
      Let’s see about writing a poem. What first? An idea, something to write about. I’ll check my list of possible titles/themes/ideas. OK, here’s one that looks likely, ‘specially since this posting is about making a poem. Huge ball … Continue reading “Versifying”
  • Bitter Was the Night
    This is the night when you wash each other’s feet. The night when you remember the Passover. The night when  you share the hasty meal before the  deliverance from God’s wrath. This is the night when God struck down … Continue reading “Bitter Was the Night”
  • Another 500 Words
    Have you ever thought about how fast you speak? Despite English being a fairly slowly spoken language (If you don’t think so, have a listen to someone speaking Spanish in a lively conversation), we, most of us, get through … Continue reading “Another 500 Words”
  • Parlez-vous Francais?
    The Alliance Francais French Film Festival has arrived in Perth. I’ve decided to see a selection of the movies and began this afternoon with an adaptation of a Victor Hugo novel. The movie is L’homme qui rit or The … Continue reading “Parlez-vous Francais?”
  • Sometimes…
    I’m sure you’ve had those days. The ones when you plan what you’re going to do with the next 24 hours and then the whole lot goes to crap in one easy move. Sometimes it’s me; sometimes I just … Continue reading “Sometimes…”
  • The Things You Don’t See
    I went to the Ozconcert last night. This is an annual event held in Perth to celebrate multiculturalism. It’s been going for 25 years and takes the form of a series of performances in music and dance by a variety of … Continue reading “The Things You Don’t See”
  • Ain’t Love Grand?!
    She’s back! After three days of stooging around on my own, my lady is home. She’s been away at a conference about stuff on which she is some sort of wizard and about which I couldn’t even begin to … Continue reading “Ain’t Love Grand?!”
  • The Bloody Big Book
    Only it’s not so bloody big just yet. Talking about the PhD — which has been taking a bit longer than I originally planned. If I don’t count the two years to get the Masters as an entry ticket, … Continue reading “The Bloody Big Book”
  • Rage Against the Machine
    You might have noticed this is the first post in three days. I’m no Luddite, but there are times when I really get fed up with machines and technology. Two nights ago the computer and the printer decided to … Continue reading “Rage Against the Machine”
  • That’s What Friends Are For
    Just shared a BBQ dinner at our place with two of my closest friends. I’ve known Robin for 45 years and Alan for not much less. Yet it’s not like we see each other often (though that may change … Continue reading “That’s What Friends Are For”
  • Party Time
    You win some, you lose some. The ALP just won back the WA State seat of Fremantle (predicted) and lost the overall election to the Liberal/ National alliance (also predicted). I live in Fremantle, so, like I said, you … Continue reading “Party Time”
  • Another Day But Not Another Dollar
    I don’t really believe it’s as hard to get published as a lot of people claim. But it’s for sure you’re very unlikely to ever make any money out of writing. There are probably no more than a couple … Continue reading “Another Day But Not Another Dollar”
  • Can We Start Again, Please?
    This morning brought a rather traumatic discovery. The word I thought I had coined late last year — telemorphosis — turns out to have been in use for over 100 years and refers to nothing at all related to my … Continue reading “Can We Start Again, Please?”
  • A New Role
    So… today was my first  stint as a Poet in the Cafe! Very low key as Mike (the owner of La Tropicana) and I are still working out a modus operandi in terms of best days and times for me … Continue reading “A New Role”
  • Casting Stones on Water
    The day started well enough We’d gone for a walk Down to the old weir You must remember the place I took you there last year It wasn’t hard to find the track Lying just below the ridge The … Continue reading “Casting Stones on Water”

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