Letter to New Prime Minister 2010

Prime Minister,
Welcome. As a woman, I look to you to bring into being some of the things that have not received adequate care. As a person who has always supported the Labor party, I want to see some traditional values upheld..”.a fair go” might be a good start…
1) We need to give our environment “a fair go”. Action has to be taken to care for our environment, to cut pollution and to look for alternatives to fossil fuel..that do not hold the future to ransom. Nuclear energy is not an alternative.
2) We have to give Refugees a” fair go”Refugees however they come should be treated with courtesy and prompt action. Many Australians have offered spare rooms..look and listen…there are many Australians who welcome “new Australians” Under no circumstances should families be separated and put in prison..
3) We have to give those who are struggling with Mental Health a “fair go” There is no way, in our prosperous Australia people should be homeless because they can’t hold a job, fill in all the forms,etc because they are mentally ill. They have slipped through the cracks. We have to provide a safety net
4) We have to allow information access a “fair go” Internet filtering that copies China and Korea is inappropriate, expensive and without adequate safeguards. Extend systems that allow people to choose the amount of filtering for their own families, allied with proper blocking of sites judged by the people who censor books and videos.(not iSPS!)..but with lists available
4) We need to give our indigenous brothers and sisters a “fair go” Apply the same rules to white sexual offenders as you do to indigenous people in NT. Have you taken over the communities in Victoria where sexual offenders live? Infrastructure you supply to mining towns might be pleasant in indigenous communities. If you can’t pay compensation, at least supply teachers and doctors. Best of all…ask.

I hope you read this and understand my heart cries out to see a government that cares.