A New Role

So… today was my first  stint as a Poet in the Cafe! Very low key as Mike (the owner of La Tropicana) and I are still working out a modus operandi in terms of best days and times for me to be there. Between 12 noon and 2 pm seems to be optimum for numbers of cafe patrons, although today I was there a bit later. Even so there were four people stopped to chat, two whom I know and two strangers. Not bad considering that so far there’s no poster or other indication of who I am or what I’m doing apart from a copy of my poetry collection on the table.

I’m hoping to have articles in both Fremantle’s local papers (Herald and Gazette) in the next week or two. And a big poster stuck in the window indicating days and times I will be in the cafe.

I didn’t write any poetry today but I did write quite a lot related to my novella project which is part of my PhD program. I’ll talk more about that in subsequent posts but for now, here’s another fairly recently minted poem.

Book End

I am tired of all these readers

Who take up a book for a few hours

To annul their boredom

To pass the time

They always want the thrill

Without the passion

The danger without the harm

Sitting in their armchairs

Luxuriating in their cosseted rooms

Of safe and comfortable escape

Vicariously entering worlds of horror and spite

But not truly perilous.

Well, now we shall see

For I will write this tale

In congruous binds with mayhem

To devour their sweet sentimentality,

To choke their wide innocence

With ghastly description, with terrifying action,

With such malicious imaginings

That they will be undone

Unto the ends of their lives.

Now let the villainy begin!

Open these pages I dare you!

Slide into my world of mischief and malfeasance

Sink into a quagmire of wickedness

Come dance with death

Confront hideous nightmare

Shiver with the delicious delight of dread

But this time there’ll be no fantasy

This time you’ll not escape

Back to your ordinary, dull complacencies.

This time when you come to the end of the book

You’ll come to the end of you.

This should probably end with something like “Argh, ha, ha, ha!” Hope you enjoy it.

Ruari Jack Hughes