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This exceptionally vibrant and groundbreaking book was launched on May 11 2012 in conjunction with the late Janet Yates’s art exhibition Memories of Exotic Lands at the Zigzag Cultural Centre 50 Railway Road Kalamunda.

It incorporates the amazing expressionist paintings by Janet Yates and the poignant and resonant poetry of Ruari Jack Hughes.

Celebration of Light Janet Yates

The book includes paintings from the exhibition and many of Janet’s earlier works. It also includes the original poetry by Ruari Jack.

The cd includes a pdf copy of the book to read on your e-reader. It also includes audio files of Ruari Jack reading a number of poems from the book.

Whispers from the Wilderness

On the banks of the dark river
Stand the dreaming sentinels,
Ancient, seeming immutable guardians.

Down there, in the roots of the trees,
Caught in the gnarled sinews,
Are memories of times past,

Waiting patiently in the shallows
Till called to break gently
The silence of the country.

Walk closer, tread carefully,
Hear the soft murmurings
Of long ago voices speaking softly.

Quietly they rise through the mists,
Whispers of then, threads of pain
Woven through strands of love,

Telling the tales of the people,
Stories of the land,
Holding all to all.

Copyright Ruari Jack Hughes

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$35 for the book;
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