That’s What Friends Are For

Just shared a BBQ dinner at our place with two of my closest friends. I’ve known Robin for 45 years and Alan for not much less. Yet it’s not like we see each other often (though that may change since they’ve recently moved to the same suburb). It’s not the frequency of contact however, that makes some people the sort of friends who you feel are a part of your life and always will be. There’s little to distinguish these true friends from family. You can go sometimes for years without seeing each other and then pick up the conversation as if it was just a day or two since you were last talking. There’s a level of affection that’s more than just ‘friendly’. Friends in this category of relationship are the ones who give back to you. Every time you see them (or even just think about them) there is the knowledge that you have been confirmed as who you are. Your sense of yourself is reinforced in the recognition that you are someone important to the other. It is of course, another form of love.


An epigram for the day:


Love is always there

In our lives and in our hopes

Making all things well

Ruari Jack Hughes