Magicians and witches

It’s a new world in America! And not in any a sphere that surprises, but restrooms or washrooms, or bathrooms! Not in a toilet as we’d call it in Australia. First all I need to do is stand up, not even use a magic wand! The toilet flushes by itself! (When it does’t flush before I stand! )
Then all I need to do is wave my hand! The soap pumps out a splosh! Except when it doesn’t!
The tap sprays water! ! Except when it doesn’t!
The paper towel rolls out a roll of paper! ! Except when it doesn’t!
The magic! Except when it isn’t!
The trouble is I’m invisible! My hands wave wildly, and the systems do not work! The woman who comes after me makes the magic work flawlessly… But for me … the magic fails, except rarely!
Why is it my presence fails to make the magic work?
The same lack of magic, aura or presence means people walk through me in the street! I do not exist for the crowd on the footpath or sidewalk.
Maybe the ultimate magic is working! I have attained invisibility!